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This dot-town Biz-Plus Portal built by Web Samurai For Hire. Our mission is to digitally turbocharge your town or business group with one of our dot-town portals. Far more than just a website, our dot-town Biz-Plus Portal sets the foundation for your town’s digital future and serves as the platform to take your town’s businesses online. Restaurants get online order menus and smart reservations; retailers get an ecommerce storefront; service businesses from haircutters to healthcare providers get smart online appointments. And everybody gets custom digital gift cards. All for an unbeatable price. 

Site features designed to drive traffic and audience engagement include family-friendly games and ‘single source’ content. The included Local Classifieds are a natural fit to bring together local job seekers and local businesses looking to hire. Our Biz-Plus Portals are designed to leverage and cultivate the ‘buy local’ / community support trend that gained force during the pandemic. While local businesses struggled to survive, online competitors have grown stronger and consolidated. Our dot-town Biz-Plus Portals are designed to be a key weapon in your small business arsenal to fight back using the latest online tools and features. 

Our dot-town Biz-Plus Portals include full-service site hosting and service plans with regular content updates, so your website will never go stale. Website options include your own on-site ad network, with all ad revenue going to your Chamber or group, as well as drone shots of your town to beautify your new site. Worried about the carbon footprint such techno-power creates? Don’t be–our cloud servers boast a 300% CARBON OFFSET, since we use the ‘greenest’ of major hosting providers, GreenGeeks.

This website is funded by your town / Chamber of Commerce / local corporate sponsorship / public-private partnership / ad sales / donations. Your patronage and support are greatly appreciated. Remember, to buy local is to build a community!

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